The King is Dead!

YEAR: 2012


Dubbed "...a suburban western" shortly before its completion, the line has stuck because it sums the film up well. Without strictly holding to the conventions of the western (it's very much a cross-genre piece), the film nevertheless has echoes of Leone re-imagined for the suburbs.


Max and Therese are happy together, and happy with the world. They move into a new neighbourhood, a nice family on one side and, well, "interesting" on the other side. But interesting becomes loud, and loud becomes intolerable and when the intolerable becomes violent, and the police are powerless, and the community lawyer suggests ear plugs, Max and Therese attempt to solve the problem of the neighbour from hell themselves...and end up with a corpse on their hands.

But even that's not the worst of it.


Max - Dan Wyllie

Therese - Bojana Novakovic

King - Gary Waddell

Shrek - Luke Ford

Escobar - Anthony Hayes

Otto - Roman Vaculik

Maria - Michaela Cantwell

Mirabelle - Lily Addey

Boss Maori - Lani Tupu

Man Mountain - Jack Wetere

Silent Maori - Richard Bennett


Writer/director/producer - Rolf de Heer

Producer - Nils Erik Nielsen

Executive Producers - Sue Murray, Bryce Menzies, Domenico Procacci

Associate Producer - Sarah Li

Production Manager - Julie Byrne

Casting - Faith Martin

Director of Photography - Ian Jones

Sound Designers - James Currie and Tom Heuzenroeder

Production Designer - Beverley Freeman

Film Editor - Tania Nehme

Music by Graham Tardif

Musical Director - Timothy Sexton