The King is Dead!

The King is Dead!

Therese and Max by night

Dan Wyllie as Max

Bojana Novakovic as Therese

Gary Waddell as King

Anthony Hayes as Escobar

Luke Ford as Shrek

Max and Therese ponder King's body

Max and Therese meet neighbour King

Shrek raps

Neighbours Mirabelle (Lily Adey)and Otto (Roman Vaculik)

Max despairs for King

"I'll burn down the whole neighbourhood!"

Therese and Max spying on the interesting neighbours

Shrek rages

Therese and Max dealing with King

Max and Therese take a walk

Meet the Maoris: (Lani John Tupu, Jack Wetere, Richard Bennett)

Cinematographer Ian Jones

Writer/Director Rolf de Heer

The crew on location