Incident at Raven's Gate

YEAR: 1999


Encounter at Raven's Gate

(also known as)

It was a film that took a long time and a lot of hard slogging to get made, and it received some splendid reviews (it also received some very bad reviews). None of that, though, was enough to save the film from a dismal end, its rights tangled as companies went broke, its release in Australia thrown away for the video dollar. But it was widely seen in Hollywood, and highly respected for its stylish and visual film making.


Country police officer Taylor, investigating the theft of the local football trophy, is combing through the still-smoking ruins of the Cleary property. He is surprised there by Dr Hemmings, an operative of some sort from within a special branch of government. Events flash back to five days before the incident.

Recently released from prison, Eddie Cleary is working for his brother, Richard and Richard's wife, Rachel, on their wheat farm next to the McCullum property, Raven's Gate. Engaged in a casual affair with local barmaid Annie, Eddie is also attracted to Rachel.

Strange things start happening. Dead birds fall from the sky, water disappears, cars stop, machines break down and a black circle appears in one of Richard's fields. Conflict rises between the protagonists as local cop Skinner becomes obsessed with Annie and Rachel falls into Eddie's arms.

Not having heard from the McCullums, Eddie heads over to discover the old couple incinerated and their house occupied by a shocking manifestation. He escapes, but the malevolent force appears headed for the Cleary farm...


Eddie - Steve Vidler

Richard - Ritchie Singer

Rachel - Celine O'Leary

Skinner - Vincent Gil

Annie - Saturday Rosenberg

Taylor - Max Cullen

Hemmings - Terry Camilleri


Co-writer/Director/Producer - Rolf de Heer

Co-writer/Producer - Marc Rosenberg

Executive Producer - Antony I. Ginnane

Based on an Original Screenplay by James M. Vernon

Director of Photography - Richard Michalak

Camera Operator - Andrew Lesnie

Sound Recordist - Rob Cutcher

Boom Operator - Des Keneally

Production Designer - Judith Russell

Costume Designer - Clarissa Patterson

Film Editor - Suresh Ayyar

Sound Editor - Andrew Plain

Music - Graham Tardif and Roman Kronin